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Crospovidone;PVPP(Food Grade)

Specializing in the production of pharmaceutical excipients

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Crospovidone;PVPP(Food Grade)


Crospovidone; Insoluble Polyvinylpyrrolidone ; PVPP

CAS NO.:  9003-39-8

M.F.: (C6H9NO)n   MW:>1 000 000

PACKAGING: 1kg/bag,5kg/bag,20kg/drum.

QUALITY STANDARD: GB 1886.73-2015; ChP2020,USP40-NF35; EP9.0.


Food additives (Beer / beverage):

*Improving the quality and extends the shelf-life of beer.

*Prevention of ‘pinking’ and ‘browning’ reactions in white and sparkling wines

*Enhanced aroma and flavor in red wines

PVPP is a cost-effective and safe treatment in beer industry:

*Completely insoluble in beer

*Applicable to all types of beer

*Higher efficacy – lower dosage – Easy to use and excellent handling characteristics

*Insoluble process aids, with wide regulatory approval

*No negative impact on foam, flavor or other quality parameters

*Improved dispersion and sedimentation characteristics

*Longer filter run lengths compared to silica alone


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