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Ethyl Acetate

Specializing in the production of pharmaceutical excipients

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Ethyl Acetate


CAS No.141-78-6

M.F.: C4H8O2

M.W.: 88.11

Package: 20kg/drum

Appearance: Colorless and clear liquid.

It is volatile, easy to burn, and has a fruity fragrance.

Soluble in water and miscible with ethanol, ether, acetone or dichloromethane.

Quality Standard: ChP 2015

Application and Examples:

Solvents for external solutions, gels, films, coating agents, etcAnthralin Film
Solvents for coating solutions, microcapsules, etcAspirin Microcapsules
Extraction and purification of traditional Chinese medicine 
Tablet edible printing ink 
As a spice and seasoning 

Compatibility Taboo: This product reacts violently with strong oxidants, strong acids, strong base and nitrates, which can cause fire or explosion. It also reacts violently with chlorosulfonic acid, lithium aluminum hydride, 2-chloromethylfuran, and tetrabutyl potassium hydroxide.

Safety: This product is generally considered safe and non-irritating in oral and topical preparations. But at high concentrations it can cause central nervous system depression.

Storage: This product is thermally degradable and flammable. It should be placed in a sealed container, kept away from light below 30 ° C, and away from fire sources.

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