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Specializing in the production of pharmaceutical excipients

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CAS No. : 118-71-8

M.F.: C6H6O3

M.W.: 126.11

Package: 5kg/bag, 25kg/bag


White crystalline powder; it has caramel or creamy aroma.

Soluble in ethanol or propylene glycol, slightly soluble in water or glycerol.

Quality standard:  ChP 2015.


This product is mainly used to prepare various fruit flavors such as strawberries, which can correct the aroma of medicines, foods and cosmetics. The general dosage is 4-90mg/kg. In the food industry, the applied concentration of maltol is 30ppm, usually used with fruit flavoring agents. Maltol can also be used to increase the smell and aroma of toasted bread and cakes. When the concentration is 5-75ppm, the sweetness of the food can be increased, and the amount of sugar used while maintaining the same sweetness can reduce of less than 15%. Perfume also contains a small amount of Maltol.

Compatibility Taboo: This product will undergo oxidation, decomposition and other reactions when exposed to oxidant, strong acid and alkali. The concentrated solution of the product stored in Metal containers may change color.

Safety: This product is non-toxic and irritant and is considered safe.

Storage: This product should be placed in glass or plastic containers and stored in a cool, dry and dark place.

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