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Triethyl Citrate

Specializing in the production of pharmaceutical excipients

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Triethyl Citrate

( CDMF NO.: F20209990129)

Name: Triethyl Citrate

M.F.: C12H20O7

M.W.: 276.29

CAS No.: 77-93-0

Package: 5kg/drum, 20kg/drum


Colorless and clear oily liquid.

Soluble in ethanol, isopropanol or acetone and dissolves in water.

Quality Standard: CHP2020


As coating materials, microencapsulation materials, plasticizers for  film agents and film coating agents in pharmaceutical preparations to make the formed film tough and elastic and not easy to crack.

Incompatibility: Incompatible with strong alkalis and oxidants.

Safety: This product is used for oral preparations and can be directly used as food additives.

It is generally considered non-toxic and non-irritating. But Large intake may be harmful.

Storage:  Preserve in airtight containers in cool and dry place.

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