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Cetyl Alcohol

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Cetyl Alcohol

(CDMF NO.: F20209990123)

Name: Cetyl Alcohol



CAS No.36653-82-4

Package: 5kg/drum, 20kg /drum

Appearance: White powder, granules, flakes or lumps;

It has a greasy taste and is a transparent oily liquid after melting.

Miscible with ethanol and almost insoluble in water. 

Quality Standard: CHP2020; USP40-NF35; EP9.0


Widely used in cosmetics and formulations, such as suppositories, emulsions, lotions, creams, ointments, solid dosage forms that regulate the release rate.

*Used in suppositories to adjust the melting point.

*In the emulsion, the mixture of Cetyl Alcohol and Paraffin (1:19) can absorb 40% -50% of its own weight of water, and as a weak emulsifier, it can reduce the dosage of other emulsifiers.

Incompatibility:: This product is incompatible with strong oxidants. Cetyl alcohol can lower the melting point of ibuprofen, which will cause adhesion during the coating process of ibuprofen crystals.

Safety: In patients with prostatic dermatitis, cetyl alcohol is associated with the development of allergic delayed-type hypersensitivity. It has also been reported that this product has a cross-sensitizing effect with cetyl stearyl, lanolin and stearyl alcohol. Allergic reactions may be caused by impurities in industrial cetyl alcohol, because high-purity cetyl alcohol does not cause allergic reactions.

Storage: Preserve in well-closed containers.

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