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White Beeswax

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White Beeswax

(CDE REGISTRATION NO.: F20209990116)

Name: White Beeswax(CP); Beeswax, white (EP); White Wax(USP)

CAS No.: 8012-89-3

Package: 1kg/bag, 5kg/carton, 20kg/drum

Quality Standard: CP2020; USP43-NF38; EP10.0; BP2020

This product is made from beeswax by oxidation, bleaching and refining. Depending on the species of bees, it is commonly known as Chinese beeswax (acid value 5.0 ~ 8.0), which is secreted by Chinese bees. It is called western beeswax (acid value 16.0 ~ 23.0), which is secreted by western bee species (mainly Italian bees).


White or yellowish solid with no luster and crystal. It is tasteless and has specific smell. Easily soluble in Trichloromethane, slightly soluble in diethyl ether, and almost insoluble in water or anhydrous ethanol.


*As ointment matrix in medicine. It increases the consistency of ointments and creams

*Stabilizes water-in-oil emulsions,

*Polishing agents for  sugar coating tablets

*Suppository melting point regulators,

*Slow-release carriers for solid dispersion agents.

Increase the consistency of creams and ointments and stabilize water-in-oil emulsionsBetamethasone Cream
Solid dispersion carriersGliclazide Sustained-Release Tablets
Thin film coating of polished sugar-coated tablets, sustained-release tablets, etc 
Adjust the melting point of suppositories 


This product has incompatibility with oxidants. When it meets chlorination agents, it will oxidize and hydrolyze into soap when it meets alkalis.

Safety: This product is generally considered non-toxic and non-irritating in local and oral preparations.

Storage: The esterification reaction of this product occurs when the temperature is higher than 150 ℃, which leads to the decrease of acid value and the increase of melting point.

Preserve in well-closed containers.

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